Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 1yr Anniversary to Us!

Poochie 1 Year Anniversary
As of yesterday, it's been exactly a year since we first adopted Poochie :)
Here's a photograph, to commemorate this special occasion :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A note about the ads

I absolutely hate putting ads on my websites, but recently I've been in dire need of money. So... I'm doing anything I can do start dragging in some of that dough, so .. I apologize.

Starting to brainstorm on some ideas for other means of profit. Maybe I'll make something and sell @ etsy. I'll keep you posted!


ps. thanks to those who visit this site :)
pps if you have any suggestions for posts, etc.. feel free to comment! I've been busy+lazy lately to post anything meaningful other than photos and little updates on Poochie. I do plan on blogging more about other issues, tips, etc.

Told you

Now for a few more recent photos of our beloved Poochie

I absolutely love that she's started to look out the window more. It's adorable, ESPECIALLY because she doesn't bark when something/someone goes by. Instead she does a kind of a frustrated growl+whine+what I call a raccoon gurble.

Gorgeous day, the other day. I couldn't stop taking photos of these fluffs.

This isn't that interesting, but thanks to the heat+humidity, Poochie has started to sleep in weirder positions OTHER than the tight ball she usually sleeps in. Though, I do kind of miss her sleeping under blankets/towels and being able to see only her nose.

Some.. pointless shots in the kitchen.

That's all for now!

OH! No documentation of this, sorry, but she met her first frog a couple nights ago. She punched the hell out of it, pounced after it when it hopped away, and flipped it around a lot. She attempted to pick it up with her mouth, but she learned quickly that that's a pretty nasty idea... It was great. The frog made a crazy squeak sound (exactly like that of the squeaker in a dog's squeaky toy) when she'd punch it too hard.

It's been a while!

Hello everyone

As expected, it's been slow, but Poochie has made some progress in the socializing department. I really wish I had a fenced yard so she can run around as much as she wants. Since she's so fast and she gets so easily distracted by everything, I've been antsy about training her off leash. She knows when she isn't leashed so she knows she can run away if she wants to. She tends to get stubborn when I tell her to COME, but mostly when she's off leash. Only thing she will do is STOP an STAY when I tell her to.. I don't know, she listens sometimes, but I'm a long ways away from being able to play with her off leash in our yard.

I can't remember if I'd posted any pictures of her playing with Bailey back in November 2008, but I found a few adorable ones.

That's it for now.. be back soon..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Photos


Poochie + Dad
They're buddy buddies. She LOVES playing with my dad.

One of her ways of telling me she wants to go outside.. by inching her way towards the door, stopping, then looking at me, then inching again.

To add some more...

poochie butt
This was a first. Her tail leaked out of one of the holes.

poochie butt
While the other end was trying to sleep..

I believe I'd forgotten to share stories + photos abt Poochie's first time experience at a park (Robert E Lee Park in Baltimore, MD). I went there with a friend of mine and as soon as Poochie saw random specks of dogs here and there (which is also a new sight for her, at least with me) she started to freak out - lunging and making freakish wailing noises like I was tormenting her or something. Honestly, Jess and I did NOT know what to do in that situation, but I mean.. after getting to meet a good handful of dogs she finally calmed down. Rather she met a couple new friends! Here's a photo of her and the two dogs (Ebby - pit mix, Rocky - Poochie's love interest, who didn't want anything to do with her):

Robert E Lee Park

This was also the first time Poochie went for a little swim in the water river (? reservoir?) there. Ebby's owner gave me a few pointers on introducing her to water.
It was also the first time a stranger held her leash, which she didn't really think much of.

Until next time!

To add...

I absolutely hate it when I have no photos to share with my stories since I'm such a visual person. I don't read something unless it's tiny, or if it has pictures.


I do have a lot of random/pointless photos of Poochie to share :)

Poochie's New Shoes
She can be my new runner partner now :)

Poochie Bath Time!

Poochie Bath Time!
Poochie bath time!

Poochie phone home?
The hood got stuck while dressing her and as a result she looked like an alien.

Melted Chocolate
It was really hot and muggy in my room that day so she was really like melted chocolate on my desk and arm. She stayed like this the whole time while I was at the computer. She actually likes to lay on me like this quite often, but during this night she was extra melt-y.

More photos to come!

Poochie's Doing Great

She's become more and more goofy. She's such a princess. Except she looks like a boy so she really just seems like a dramatic gay guy. Which, by the way, I love. Actually, she isn't that dramatic, but you get what I mean.

I'm pretty sure she's learned a couple more tricks since I last blogged, but I've started to lose track. About a couple weeks ago, I really started to word hard on training her to be quiet. She's shown a lot of improvement, but still it's a challenge. It's hard when she's as protective as she is.

Though, a week ago we went to the city for my friend's 3rd annual DIY Festival and Poochie had to meet a LOT of people coming and going, along with their dogs of various sizes and attitudes. I think she was quiet the whole time because she was so overwhelmed and a little intimidated, but I like to think that she did really well. Instead of barking and screaming at every little movement or sound, she was okay. She was only a tad skiddish when people approached her and she was actually more curious than anything.

She even let this little kid pet her and be around her for a long period of time. Granted, it really did help that he lives with a dog and that his mother was there telling him what to do and how to behave around Poochie. It was great! I mean, it was a lesson for both Poochie AND me cause I really don't like kids. Rather.. I don't understand them, or trust them. Rather, I don't trust their parents. But this kid was great. He did talk a lot, but I didn't mind that too much.

After that DIY Fest, she had to stay home alone at my friend's apt - which she's previously done a couple of times - while my friends and I went out. After THAT Poochie and I went to my (DIY Fest) friend's house for their after show which had even more people, including drunk people. Again, Poochie did really well with the people, but the dogs were another issue. There was a male pup that hadn't been neutered (hopefully, YET) who had the hots for Poochie and wouldn't stop trying to hump her. And there were Eve and Crom who wanted to "eat" her.. as in.. lick her from head to toe nonstop. Poochie was so overwhelmed that she tinkled a bit, but after the other dogs calmed down Poochie was able to relax a little more.


  • I'm still working on Poochie's overprotective barking.
  • She learned to "high five," which is adorable.
  • I like the new "wait" command where I hold a treat/food right in front of her nose and she waits until I allow her to eat it.
She's basically 110% potty trained. I mean, she was always good about doing her duty outside, but we didn't quite have a system(?) .. or a clue for when she needed to be let out. She definitely has a schedule, but sometimes she just needs to pee an extra number of times and for a while we weren't quite sure when she needed to go out each time.

Oh, and along with teaching her to be quiet, I've been reteaching her the "come here" command since she tends to not listen to me when we're outside, or think that she can get away with it at times when we're indoors. She's improved a tremendous amt. Sometimes I forget about being repetitive with training commands.

Almost forgot.. I'd been having a really hard time teaching Poochie to be quiet so I finally decided to give in and try out one of those collar/remote things. I found an Ultrasonic sound emitting training remote from Pet Safe (Pet Safe Remote Trainer) and I stiiill don't really know what to think about it. I think I love it, but I feel like it doesn't quite work at times... Maybe it's because it's only the beginning, but I expected that to happen after continued use of it... STILL, it has helped tremendously. Poochie did try to run away from it the first few days I tried it, but recently she'd stop with the barking and actually listen and come to me ordered to.

I still don't know, though... It hadn't made as great of achievements as I would've liked it to. Whatever I think, I'm going to use it as little as possible.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Surprise Chute

So.. I've noticed several times before, that Poochie occasionally had rotting fish breath (.. at both ends). But I never bothered to look it up and instead put up with it until recently. So, anyway... I learned that it could be impacted anal glands.. but I knew it never got bad for her because the smell would go away and she never resorted to scooting or anything beyond a few licks.
Anyway... she started sticking her bum at some point tonight and i smelled it.. and phew.. yeah.
SO thanks to the research I had done previously, I was somewhat prepared to do whatever it is I was supposed to do.

Did it. Mystery brown liquid on a napkin. Over. Wasn't thick and the smell eventually went away and she stopped bothering with her butt. So.. I've checked it off as a successful first time. :)

.... I was a tad shocked once I saw that the squeezing did cause secretions.. and then the smell was 300 times worse.. and since I was kind of confused and had no idea if whatever I was doing was even right.. I checked to see if she was cleared or not by sniffing her butt... first whiff.. HUGE mistake..

it choked me a bit.

i still smell it. it's.. in my nose.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Running machine

During those icy days, I couldn't take Poochie out for her daily walks so I taught her to walk/run on the treadmill! Honestly, I didn't think I'd be able to do it, since she's so scared of anything big and loud.. but she loves it!